Produced in 2005, Wozniak Live was a pilot for a late-night comedy TV series. While the pilot was rejected by every major TV network in Australia, it eventually made its way to community and cable television networks across Australia and New Zealand in 2011 and 2012.

Containing a mix of live and pre-recorded material, as well as some practical stunts and impressive visual effects (considering everything was made with consumer-grade equipment at a zero dollar budget!), the TV pilot was a life-changing experience.

Not only did I recruit and lead 30 volunteers, as well as providing a compelling vision for what we could build together, but I persisted with the project even after it died 3 times. It took considerable effort over 18 months, often working daily and on weekends outside of schooling and part-time jobs. All the work producing, directing, writing, hosting, and shooting (in indoor and outdoor locations), culminated in a live show filmed in front of a studio audience (a day after being diagnosed with laryngitis…).

This experience taught me the importance of relentlessly pursuing a dream, and realizing that big things can be accomplished from literally nothing but an idea in your head. While we often can’t control the outcome, what we can do is show up and do the work.