In 2021, I was promoted from Program Director to Director, Operations at a leading tech consulting company. As part of my wide mandate in the role, I took over the management of client contracts, where I:

  • Developed a close and collaborative working relationship with our excellent vendor (an award-winning legal firm with a speciality in technology and IP law)
  • Moved quickly to ensure we had a complete set of up-to-date contract templates for all our most common contract needs
  • Streamlined our contracts workflow, ensuring all relevant parties were always aware of what stage of the contracts lifecycle each agreement was at
  • Ensured we took a pragmatic approach to reviews and redlines to minimize friction during the sales process, while still protecting our key interests and working collaboratively with all parties to lead to successful contract execution

During my time in this role from 2021-2023, I reviewed, and arranged for execution, approximately 300 contracts, spanning Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), Statements of Work (SOWs), Master Services Agreements (MSAs), and other miscellaneous legal agreements.

One of the unexpected bonuses of this experience was that it became a way for me to leverage my past knowledge gained from a law degree and apply it in a very practical manner to the day-to-day operations of a company.