In 2021, while working as a Program Director with an incredibly talented group of people at a leading digital consultancy, I started wondering whether there was a way to measure team health in a more effective and insightful way than using eNPS (which is what we had inherited from previous teams).

After all, happy team members likely means higher performing teams, and higher performing teams are likely to result in better retention of individuals, teams, and even clients.

Individual happiness at work, and on a specific team and project, is complicated. There are many variables that can affect our happiness with our work, our projects, and our teams.

After using eNPS for a while, I found some fundamental problems with that popular industry-wide framework. Was its statistical approach valid? Was it asking our teams the right question? Were we actually getting any useful insights?

The result of exploring this led to creating my own framework called The PTAR Framework (Project, Team, Account, Recognition) and successfully implementing it on some of our biggest teams and accounts.